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Natpet Schulman Specialty Plastic Compounds (NSSPC) is a joint venture between A. Schulman and NATPET.

NSSPC is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality reinforced polypropylene (glass, minerals, beads, etc.) and polypropylene flame retardant compounds to worldwide locations. It serves a vast range of markets, such as the automotive industry, consumer goods, sports, leisure and home, building and construction, and electrical and electronics applications.

Production started in August 2017. For more information, please contact us.

Glass fiber-reinforced grades

Glass Fiber-Reinforced Grades

Enhancing mechanical performance to a maximum level

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Mineral-filled grades

Mineral-Filled Grades

Most versatile in end use and portfolio

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Hybrid & Glass bead-filled grades

Hybrid & Glass Bead-Filled Grades

Balancing mechanical properties, dimensional stability and surface appearance

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Flame retardant grades

Flame Retardant Grades

Meeting highest fire safety requirements

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